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System Maintenance
Saturday, September 25

Columbus Day
Monday, October 12

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Service Interruption- September 25-28, 2015

MCCU will be installing a new server starting Friday, September 25 at 6:00 p.m. (MST) through 6:00 a.m. Monday, September 28.

  • The Centennial branch will be closed on Saturday the 26
  • The following services will be unavailable during the install time frame:
    • Internet Account Access (desktop and mobile)
    • 24-Express-Line
    • Shared Branching
  • Debit Cards will have a daily spending limit of $1,000 for Point-of-Sale (retail) transactions and $300 at ATM's*
    • If you have large purchases planned for that weekend, including travel, please plan ahead.
  • Credit Card balances will be updated at 6:00 pm, Friday, Sept 25 for the entire weekend.
  • Updates on the progress of the upgrade will be provided on the credit unions website @

*Normal daily spending limits for Debit Cards are set at $3,000 for Point-of-Sale (retail) and $500 at ATM's.


DO NOT RESPOND to emails, voice messages, or text messages that ask you for your account number, credit card number, and personal identification numbers.

Email messages that ask for this type of information are fraudulent, and should be reported immediately. We will never contact you and ask you for this information.

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Please be sure to notify the CU first to avoid possible service interruptions.


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