Personal Loans


Personal Signature Loans
Whether it’s debt consolidation, or a one-time special purchase, the Credit Union’s personal loan program offers competitive rates and flexible terms. Apply now!

Advantages of a Signature Loan

  Competitive rates
  Flexible terms up to 48 months
  Convenient automatic payment

Share-Secured Loans
Share-secured loans allow you to borrow funds using your savings as collateral. You can use the funds in your share (savings), money market or certificate accounts held at the Credit Union. The rate for a shared-secured loan is 3% over the current share account rate. Apply now for a share-secured loan today.

Advantages of a Share-Secured Loan

  Attractive Annual Percentage Rate (APR). The rate for a shared-secured loan is 3% above the current share account rate.
  Ability to use your savings funds as collateral. At the end of the loan term, your savings are in tact.
  The funds in your savings continue to earn dividends.
  Proven method to build or rebuild a credit score.
  Automatically approved- no application required.
  As the balance of the loan is paid down, the funds in your savings become available.

Overdraft Line-of-Credit Protection
Protect your checking account against overdrafts, up to your approved limit, with an overdraft line-of-credit. If your checking account becomes overdrawn, funds are automatically transferred from your overdraft. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your checking account is protected. Apply now for an overdraft today.