Completing the Membership Agreement:

Please complete the form in its entirity as instructed. Missing information may cause delay in account opening. Should you have any questions regarding the requested information, please contact the Credit Union.

OWNERSHIP OF ACCOUNT: Please select one and place your initial on the line provided. If this is a Multiple-Party Account (Joint), all owners must initial this area.

RIGHTS AT DEATH: Please select the appropriate designation (definitions below) and initial on the line to the right. If this is a Multiple-Party Account (Joint), all owners must initial this area.

  • SINGLE-PARTY ACCOUNT-NO RIGHTS AT DEATH: 1-owner on the account and no Pay-On-Death Beneficiary added. (Money will go to executor of the estate).
  • SINGLE-PARTY ACCOUNT WITH PAY-ON-DEATH: 1-owner on the acocunt and Pay-on-death Beneficiary information added below.
  • MULTIPLE-PARTY ACOCUNT WITH RIGHT OF SURVIVORSHIP: Account funds will be directed to remaining living owner(s) on the account.
  • MULTIPLE-PARTY ACOCUNT WITH RIGHT OF SURVIVORSHIP AND PAY-ON-DEATH: Account funds will be directed to remaining living owner, then to Pay-on-Death Benefiaries added below.

PAY-ON-DEATH BENEFICIARIES: If PAY-ON-DEATH option selected above, please add Beneficiary name(s).

HOW ARE YOU ELIGIBLE TO JOIN MCCU? (This is typically your employer, family member or neighborhood).


TYPE OF ACCOUNT: Please select services you would like to open. The Base Share Savings is required for account opening.

ACCOUNT OWNER NAME & ADDRESS: Please print your complete name and address (and your joint owner, if applicable) as it appears on the government issued identification you are submitting.

Sign in the areas marked with numbers:

(1): - Signature of Primary Owner

(2): - Signature of Joint Owner

(3-4): - Signature of any additional Joint Owners.

TIN: Primary Owner Social Security Number.
SIGNATURE: and date located on the bottom right.

After completing page one, complete information on page two for all appropriate owners. Please supply the name and address of someone who will always know your location.

Owner/Signer Info #1: Complete for the Primary Owner. The joint owner will complete Owner/Signature Info #2.